Our Story

We are everyday people for all-out change.

“Us” that is so far, but not restricted to: environmental activists and political change nerds; artists, designers and poets; farmers and community-leaders; system thinkers and think-tank-employees.

We’ve come together in the wake of Covid-19 to withstand a backlash to the multi-fold crises we called “normal”. We see a great chance instead to move forward to what has been called The Great Transition:

A substantial, thorough redevelopment of our (western) economies and political systems which nowadays hardly take care of the well-being of the majority of people and the bare continuation of life on Earth.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but rather connect, synergize and next-level the many ideas and networks that exist on issues like the ecological crisis, loss of democracy, migration and global justice – after all, we want to embark into a world that is putting humans and nature at its center again. 

At this early moment of our community we define ourselves as:

  • Doers, not only talkers, dedicated to positive, transformative system change
  • Catalysts that want to create tangible solutions and interventions that can be felt and experienced
  • An interdisciplinary, cross-border team not restricted to “proven” strategies or classic campaigning; rather building on “what is here & now” with collective creativity
  • Care-takers that help one another with mutual aid, tips, inspiration, jobs, co-creation

Our strategy and goals are under construction and you’re dearly invited to help enhance this community. Just sign-up to our newsletter or join our Monday 7pm community call (see starting page for details).