Our mission

When “the normal” breaks down, anything becomes possible. When airplanes stop flying, factories close and people have to fight for their livelihoods and lives, the system shows its many cracks. 

In this time of life and death, it is time to reassess what is truly important

This is a truly global and multifold crisis of public health, economic breakdown, political tension and ecological collapse. These crises can not be solved by closing borders and increasing surveillance, by separation and control. They can’t be solved in an economic system that is incentivising pollution and extraction, fake news and short term thinking.

Action Tip: If you’re a German citizen, please sign our petition for an eco-social oriented economic stimulus package.

If we want to get out of this situation, we need to change the fundamental cultural codes and narratives and the way we operate together, in order to create a better system that prioritizes human dignity, the common good and respects our planetary boundaries.

We need collaboration, participation, resilience and trust. We must choose to come together as humanity and connect across borders, classes and circles. We must bring the best of what we have to the table and share it generously. 

Now is the time to finally create the future together we have been laying the seeds for. Let’s dare to dream wildly, join forces with each other and move forward with courage, leaving the ramshackle business as usual behind us.

We refuse to go back the old system and instead, build a better, more just, equal and diverse world that is in harmony with nature: 

A Bold New World

  • One that offers a dignified life for everyone on a living, regenerating planet.
  • A just, equal and diverse society built on strong, resilient communities and regenerative cultures of connection, mutual support and care. 
  • A world where smart and compassionate solutions for our many interlacing crises are unhindered by financial interests and created by the mass participation of civil society and collective intelligence. 
  • A robust, decentralized and real economy that serves our basic needs and creates true value. 

All these plans are laid out for long and this must be our moment to put them into practice. 

It’s time to act together and change the system.  

Join. Contribute. Create with us.